Hello All,

i was working on integration of Ethernet TAP driver and NETGRAPH
and found strange thing. the problem is that NG_ETHER nodes do not
detach correctly when interface is gone. i was taking a very quick
look at it, and, it seems to me that we are missing one reference
to a node. i think it is ng_name_node/ng_unname pair.

quick patch (works for NG_ETHER, but i did not have time to look
at all NG_XXXX modules) available at


this problem could, possibly, affect other modules. 

after patch i was able to:
- load Ethernet TAP driver
- create several virtual Ethernet interfaces
- load NG_ETHER module (and check nodes via ngctl)
- unload Ethernet TAP driver (all virtual Ethernet interfaces are gone)
- check that all NG_ETHER nodes are gone (via ngctl)
- unload NG_ETHER module


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