Cyrille Lefevre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> why it's not possible to suspend SCSI drives like the ATA/IDE ones ?
> I'm not talking about camcontrol suspend feature. if you have a mounted
> filesystem, and access a file onto that filesystem while the drive is
> suspended in this manner, the system gives up. and it is not so good
> (at all :) to do the same thing if you have some swap space onto that
> drive, crash...
> also, I experienced suspended SCSI drives under windows, then warm boot.
> the boot loader is not able to wake up the drives. so it complains about
> drive not found and you have to power off/on your machine to wake up the
> drives.
> is that feature, suspend/wake up of SCSI drives, programmed in the future ?
> PS : maybe -arch should be in this thread ?

from -fs and -hackers w/ no answers ? so, I try -current.

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