On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Mark Huizer wrote:

> > > Grr... ok, that might be solved when putting IPSEC in the kernel config,
> > > but the second part still stands, I guess. (Why include libipsec code
> > > when it is in the base tree... they should be compatible)
> > Just use the port. I presume the included copy of ipsec is there for other
> > platforms.
> Which coredumps when there is no matching SPD in the list, but
> well,that's minor. The other thing is that I haven;t gotten a single
> encrypted session to work, but that will wait until after the holiday :)

You should *definitely* talk to the KAME guys with any bugs you find in
racoon. I have a couple of problems I discovered in my testing tonight
prior to the 4.0 merge, and there are still 5 days until the ports freeze
in which to correct them. *Any* help you can give to sumikawa-san will
mean a better IPSEC-enabled 4.1-RELEASE.


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