Hi All,

I just did something foolhardy -- and yet instructive. Pls let
me relate.

As I had polluted my system with an unstable recent CURRENT, I
decided to rebuild from a more stable CURRENT. I (eventually)
choose "cvs co -D 2000.". Works great.

Given the difficulty in finding working version, I decided to build
"install" and "fixit" CDs to assist my future return should I need it.
(make release not supporting cvs -D options only a minor difficulty).

I ran into problems when I when I (stupidly) went to clean up my 
/dev directory (which probably dates from 2.x). After I successfully
booted from the fixit CD & exited into the shell, I mounted my root,
cd'd into dev & rm'd -rf [a-z]*. 

The subsequent sh MAKEDEV all, et al, is the source of my comments.

1) The PATH statements in MAKEDEV are inappropriate for fixit CD.  The
PATH variable in MAKEDEV is overridden to either "MAKEDEVPATH" or
/bin:/sbin.  The appropriate binaries are under /mnt2 or
/dist. MAKEDEVPATH should be set or this override should be enhanced.
As it exists, MAKEDEV can't find things such as '[', 'expr', etc.

2) Not all of the groups mentioned in MAKEDEV are listed in the FIXIT
/etc/groups. Thus "sh MAKEDEV all" fails. To rebuild my "/mnt/dev" I
had to execute "cp /mnt/etc/group /etc".

3) MAKEDEV executes "/sbin/mknod" as part of it's "mknod" function.
This fails under the FIXIT environment as "/sbin/mknod" doesn't exit.
I had to execute "mv /sbin /sbin.x;ln -s dist/sbin /sbin" to get 
things pointing right.

I suggest that the MAKEDEV "mknod" function be renamed & execute the
mknod binary via the PATH.

4) I have a PCI UDMA66 controller, so my root disk appears as "ad4".
I also have a W98 partition, so my real root disk is "ad4s2a". This
is challanging to get under the FIXIT cd.

I had to (under csh): sh -x MAKEDEV ad4s2{a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h}

This seems excessive.

Please don't interpret the above as a complaint. Just as the comments
as someone who stupidly tried to rebuild "/dev" via a FIXIT cd.


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