| >In fact, it would be rather interesting to have a configuration flag which
| >always forces something like an fsck on a file system in order to provide
| >some entropy to the random device.  Or some other user-exposed way of
| >providing entropy.  I might have some data on disk, or some network
| >operations which can be performed to help seed the entropy pool.
| What we really need is this:
|       fetch -o http://entropy.freebsd.org/ > /dev/random
| with a bunch of volounteers providing random bits to people in need.
| I have thought about adding a entropy server to my array of weird
| servers in my lab.  Something like a Geiger counter and a smokedetector
| could do wonders.

If you wanted to have some fun with this, you could do a rc5-like distributed
client, feeding random bits to a server, and pulling down new bits every
so often!


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