On 17 Jul 2000, Daniel Berlin+list.freebsd-current wrote:

> "Leif Neland" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I have a Verisign personal certificate (Look me up at Verisign, as Leif
> > Neland)
> > 
> > This works nicely in Windows (Outlook Express), but I'd like to try using
> > the same key with openssl to generate crypted (to myself) or signed
> > messages.
> > 
> > I can export the key as a .cer, .p7b or .pfx, but openssl seems to want it
> > in .pem format.
> > 
> What does the p7b file look like?
> And the .cer file, and the .pfx file?
> Are any of them ascii, with a "BEGIN PKCS7" or "BEGIN CERTIFICATE"
> line?
With crl2pcks7 I can convert the p7b and cer to a pem, which contain BEGIN
PKCS7 ,  random characters,  and END PKCS7

I can't use this to encrypt with, smime wants "BEGIN CERTIFICATE"


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