On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, Doug Barton wrote:

> > Disk geometry stuffup, or a 'real' disk error.
>       Well, I put my money on real disk error, but only because it
> vindicates my position that we shouldn't have switched to this new kind of
> disk in the first place. 
>       As for geometry, I tried both with and without "dangerously
> dedicated." My understanding was that if I used the dos partition entry
> method that we should be able to pick up the geometry correctly, but
> should I try the old dos fdisk trick as well? Also, would the adaptec
> setting to translate >1G be affecting this? It's on currently, which it is
> on all my other motherboards of similar vintage. 

Your boot disk is now *required* (or will be very very soon) to have a
proper slice table in -CURRENT; dedicated disks are deprecated in order to
get a smarter boot0.

Speaking of boot0 you might try using boot0cfg to force packet mode.

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