On Wed, 19 Jul 2000, George Michaelson wrote:

> Where for instance do these ideas fit into  the models proposed in 
>       draft-eastlake-randomness2-00.txt
> or the proceeding RFC?

Well, Yarrow is an algorithm which is intended to provide a robust and
secure source of cryptographic-strength random numbers (i.e. suitable for
the purposes described in that draft). I dont think it's specifically
mentioned there, but it's defined and described in a series of papers by
Schneier et al. available on www.counterpane.com.

As for the other parts of that document, it looks like there might be some
useful discussion of entropy sources on commodity PC hardware and the
issues with sampling such sources - I'll have to read it in more detail
(and suggest other interested participants in this discussion also do so,
along with the Yarrow papers). Thanks for pointing it out!


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