Just upgraded to the newest -current, and now can't use SSH:

ssh: no RSA support in libssl and libcrypto.  See ssl(8).

Tried to read the 'ssl(8)' man page, but it comes back as:

> man 8 ssl
No entry for ssl in section 8 of the manual
> man ssl
No manual entry for ssl

Did mergemaster and saw the 'MAKE_RSAINTL' setting in
/etc/defaults/make.conf, so did that and did a new 'make world' ...

Even saw the note about /usr/ports/security/rsaref and installed that, no
difference ...

Read through /usr/src/UPDATING and can't seem to find anything that
applies other then the mentioning of RANDOMDEV, which I have configured in

So ... what am I missing that this missing man page seems to be indicated
as the answer? :)

Thanks ...

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