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> Hello.  I was wondering if there is any work on a Journaling filesystem to
> possible replace, or as an alternative to UFS.  I have been following
> ReiserFS for Linux quite closely, and I have had the chance to experiment
> with it.  It seems to be coming along nicely and the performance is great.
> Are there plans for something along this line for FreeBSD?  Is there a
> project underway?

At the Usenix 2000 Conference, a paper comparing Softupdates to a
Journalling Filesystem was presented.  The author said that the tests were
performed on a FreeBSD box.  AFAIK, the code is not yet available, but one
of the other attendees mentioned that it would be 'some time in the near

The journally system allowed for the journal to exist as a file on the
filesystem in question, or on a separate partition (which would be mounted
synchronously to provide a level of protection from crashes).  That having
been said, the performance of the filesystem was not significantly different
from softupdates.

You can get at the paper if you're a Usenix member.  The authors included
Margo Selzer and Kirk McKusick, but the talk was given by another of the
authors whose name I can't recall at the moment.


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