On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Daniel Baker wrote:

> Thomas,
> Just use "boot -s" to boot into single user mode so that you can disable
> the dnetc.sh script before you get into multiuser mode when all the rc.d
> scripts are executed.
> How long has the machine that you're using been alive for?  Has it had
> stability problems in the past?  Is it under heavy load?  Are the CPU fan(s)
> running?
Running since Friday.  This machine has had FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT in the
past, as well as STABLE.  It has also had Linux running on it (various
distros).  None of the above have given problems with dnetc in the past.

The machine is not under any load.  It is my development machine and the
error occurs during boot.  All the fans are running. It is a Compaq
Presario 5868 (AMD Athlon 600 with the AMD751/VIA686a chipsets). 128MB
RAM SDRAM 100.  Windows 2000 also runs on this machine and exhibits no
problems - other than the expected :)  The machine had been running fine
since Friday (I upgraded world to 4.1 RC-x).  I share dnetc buffer files
on a FAT32 partition so that my Windows2000 dnetc client can use the same
files (I don't know if this could make a difference).  I have another
machine running dnetc and it seems to work fine (4.1-RC 1 from ~ 7-17).

I was not able to get into FreeBSD to find out if anything else was
amis.  The CD I burned from a snapshot would not allow me to get to a
prompt to boot into single user mode.  Something is wrong with that days
image.  The image is from around July 7th.   I had edited my
/boot/loader.rc to automatically boot without the prompt - so I can not
enter single user mode that way either.  Perhaps I will download a more
recent floppy set and see if I can get in with them.

Tom Veldhouse

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