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Subject: Driver for Adaptec/Dell/HP PCI:SCSI RAID adapters available
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Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 15:53:40 -0700
From: Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

The first BETA version of the 'aac' driver for the Adaptec AAC-364 
'Jalapeno' and AAC-3642 'Jalapeno II' RAID adapters is available from


These adapters are OEMed by Dell as the PERC 2/QC and by HP as the HP 

The driver has been tested on FreeBSD 5.0-CURRENT, but is known to build 
and should function just fine on 4.0-STABLE as well.  Testers are 
encouraged to contact me for assistance, or to report on progress.

Thanks go to BSDi for funding the development of this driver, and Adaptec
for supplying me with a profusion of sample adapters and the source for
their Linux driver to work from.  Particular thanks to Justin Gibbs for 
finding the right person at Adaptec to make all this happen.

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