Adam wrote:

> On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Trevor Johnson wrote:
> >> > Are the fixed in Netscape 4.74 bugs not critical for release?
> >>
> >> Who knows? I don't know of any changelog for Netscape.
> >
> >The release notes are at
> > .
> >The only change that looks like it applies to us is a new feature to
> >delete all your e-mail when exiting the program.  I haven't tried it, but
> >it seems to me that making an alias like
> >
> >       alias netscape='/usr/local/bin/netscape && rm -rf ~/nsmail/*'
> >
> >or putting something similar in your .logout would achieve the same thing.
>  If you are talking about Expunging, I believe to netscape that means
> it actually goes through and deletes the emails that you have
> deleted... (uhh..) When I used to use netscape for my email, netscape
> wouldn't release hard disk space when you delete emails until you empty
> trash *and* run expunge.

Expunding does NOT do something like rm -rf ~/nsmail/*' but it compacts all of
your local e-mail folders by _completly_  deleting already "notched" messages.
Look on your ~/nsmail/ directory; you have there some files like inbox, sent,
trash, etc. and you also have inbox.snm, sent.snm, trash.snm, etc. The *.snm
files is a pointers' files; when you delete some locally saved message from
inbox (for example) you actually only delet the pointer to this message from
inbox.snm file not the message itself. If you don't want some day catch out
that you don't have free space on your hard drive you need to do "Compact
Folders" that deletes all such unpointered messages. In the last 4.74 version
of Netscape Communicator you can do this automatically when you exit the

> Why deleting from trash doesn't do it, I don't
> know, but netscape got to be too buggy for me to use for an email client
> about a year ago.

The trash folder designed for undeleting locally saved and amiss deleted e-mail
messages, it's just a backup folder not something else. By the way, if you do
"Empty Trash on Local Mail" it automatically will do "Compact Folders" after it
(in 4.73 version there was a bug, the "Compact Folders" didn't work). So when
you "delete" some message from inbox (for example) it will just copy the
message into the trash folder and delete the pointer to him from inbox.snm
file. If you don't want the copy in a trash folder you can press and hold the
[Shift] key when you delete any message.

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