Udo Schweigert wrote:

> ===>  Installing for bzip2-1.0.1
> mtree: illegal option -- L
> usage: mtree [-PUcdeinrux] [-f spec] [-K key] [-k key] [-p path] [-s seed]
>         [-X excludes]
> *** Error code 1
> Seems to be a problem in /usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk:
> .if ${OSVERSION} >= 500010
> MTREE_ARGS?=    -U -f ${MTREE_FILE} -L -d -e -p
> .else
> MTREE_ARGS?=    -U -f ${MTREE_FILE} -d -e -p
> .endif

Seems as if your mtree is out of date.  How long has it been since
your last make world?  Cvsup again and build/install mtree again
and/or do a make world.

- Donn

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