In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Andrey A. Chernov wrote: 
> On Fri, Jul 28, 2000 at 09:47:08AM +0200, Martin Cracauer wrote:
> > !                   if (c >= CTLESC && c <= CTLQUOTEMARK) {
> >                             synentry = CWORD;
> > !                           fprintf(stderr, 
> > !                               "Warning: internal control character in "
> > !                               "literal text, using '?' instead\n");
> > !                           c = '?';
> > !                   }
> I disagree. It is not the fix, just admitting the bug. Better try to fix it via
> some escaping of control characters via some prefix char. Bash is 8bit clean 
> in that place, f.e.

Please refer to my previous mail.  I think it's better to extend the
internal character handling to int* instead of obfuscating it even
more with escape sequences (remember that they are processed multiple
times and such things as taking the length of something, see related
PR fix recently).

Until that is done, we should commit this diff, because it *fixes* the
breakage of coredumping and eating all input (not only th offending
chars), even when it does not solve the problem of not being 8-bit

Martin Cracauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
BSD User Group Hamburg, Germany

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