After discussion with obrien, jhb, and dwithe (and non-protests from
the other committers present), I'm changing the defaults for remote
services in /etc/defaults/rc.conf to the least dangerous
configuration, and making sysinstall write out overrides for the
variables to their former default values in /etc/rc.conf upon install.

This means that anybody upgrading /etc/defaults/rc.conf needs to add
the following lines to rc.conf if they want to have the same setup
afterwards (unless the variables already are set, of course):

# Enable network daemons for user convenience.

(Heads up is over - more change detail below.)

This change might seem a little counterintuitive (given that
/etc/defaults/ are for defaults, after all) but seems to be the best
compromise for both getting the functionality jkh wants (freshly
installed boxes have active daemons, so users don't feel they have a
lot of extra hassle to get things up and working like they are used to
on other Unixen), and give FreeBSD a default secure config, meaning
the insecurities stand out.

I assume those of us that do new installs without using sysinstall
know FreeBSD well enough to be able to handle turning those daemons on
again if we want them ;)

BTW: Keep me in the Cc: list, please - I am not subscribed to -current
(or any other FreeBSD mailing list) at the moment.


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