On Sat, Jul 29, 2000 at 12:41:43AM +0200, Eivind Eklund wrote:
> This means that anybody upgrading /etc/defaults/rc.conf needs to add
> the following lines to rc.conf if they want to have the same setup
> afterwards (unless the variables already are set, of course):
> # Enable network daemons for user convenience.
> inetd_enable="YES"
> portmap_enable="YES"
> sendmail_enable="YES"

Amen!  Thank you.  I tried to get inetd_enable="NO" by default earlier
this month, but it didn't fly.  :-P

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O- M+ V- PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP+>+++ t++ 5 X+ R+ tv+ b++ DI+++ D+ 
G++ e>++++ h! r- y?

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