Mike Meyer wrote:
> Ok, I give up. It seems that the world change from exit to sys_exit
> broke the world build, but I can't figure out where. I've fixed every
> occurence of SYS_exit in the source tree (this one seems to be
> src/lib/csu/i386/crt0.c, but there were some in gdb as well), and
> removed /usr/obj - and I still get the following error from
> buildworld:

I think this might be due to the fact that, for some reason, the build
is still using the old syscall.h (the one that references SYS_exit
rather than SYS_sys_exit -- ie. the installed one rather than the newly
generated one). The funny thing here is I would have expected a make
-DCLOBBER to take care of that...



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