I've sent before that current.jp.FreeBSD.org provides 4.0-RELEASE
distribution with international CVS repository (at that time).

Now we are in the post 4.1-RELEASE age. It should be changed.


If you are NOT an US resident, and try to use FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE
which was built with 'RSA_RESIDENT=NO' (librsaINTL are already
included in crypto distribution), try:


This release is build at current.jp.FreeBSD.org, not a mirror of the
one at ftp.internat.FreeBSD.org. If something goes wrong, please email to me.

P.S.: current.jp.FreeBSD.org serves daily FreeBSD snapshots with
RSA_RESIDENT=NO, which is *not* available at current.freebsd.org. If
you have also interested, check /pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/i386 directory.

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