-On [20000730 19:47], Brian Fundakowski Feldman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Jeroen Ruigrok/Asmodai wrote:
>> I cannot remember exactly when I last used snes9x, but my
>> .snes96_snapshots/ directory shows february as the last savedates.
>Definitely too long ;)

Yeah I know. =P

>Indeed it's blue on my current as of last week.


>> Ideas are welcome, I mean, could syscons influence this?
>What color depth are you running at?  I wouldn't expect that anything
>16-bit or higher wouldn't work well, at least.  -CURRENT usually works
>great for gaming for me; I'm going through, e.g., Chrono Trigger my
>second time now :)

16-bit, 1024x768 as I have done in the past as well.
Window Maker set to its default colour allocating scheme.

>I'd guess something may be taking up a HUGE amount of the palette,
>unless you are running in 24-bit mode.  If it's not that, perhaps
>it's the video card itself.  This is a rather strange problem to have.

Well, that's the whole confusing thing in this situation.  Nothing
changed in my configuration aside from reinstalling X and Window Maker
and any supporting library.  But all the configurations are still the
same.  And those worked before.

I wish I knew where to start looking.

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