On Tue, 1 Aug 2000, Paul Herman wrote:

> My moused is also behaving funny (no X).  Sometimes other charaters on
> the screen get messed up where the pointer never was (I can't seem to
> reliably reproduce it), but one thing I am able to reproduce is the
> 20% interrupt thing:
> When both the prompt and the mouse are at the bottom of the screen,
> then it starts eating up interrupt CPU.

It has something to do with this whole Yarrow thing.  I suppose Yarrow
(and dev/urandom) are eating up tty interrupts that otherwise would have
gone to moused and syscons.  Someone on this list suggested implementing
some sort of kernel threads, with Yarrow and syscons split up on different
kernel threads.

AFAIK, this hasn't been implemented yet.  So, do we have some sort of
kernel threads we could use for this?  Or, do we have to compile in
Linuxthreads, or something?

- Donn

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