Stephen Hocking wrote:
> About a week ago, I complained of mysterious Sig 11s during a make world.
> After some experimentation, a PC100 DIMM was found to be better suited for a
> 66MHz memory bus in another machine, who obligingly donated a DIMM in return
> that actually works with a 100MHz bus. I think the trip from Australia and
> this Texas heat finally pushed the dodgy one over the edge.

Have you tried any memory testing routines such as memtest86 ? Its the
only you write to a floppy and it runs before any bootstrap kicks in --
independant of the OS -- and takes around 18 hours for a single pass. It
appears to be quite a comprehensive torture test. If so, how did that
dodgy DIMM perform? (The reason I ask is that I'm interested in knowing
if these tests can reveal the problems that building world did in your


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