> According to Cameron Grant:
> > this is a known problem.  it seems the neomagic driver never worked
> Well, it used to work :)

it used to *appear* to work.

> > so when newpcm became dependant on interrupts it ceased functioning.
now we
> > trap the lack of irqs and disable the channel and emit a warning to the
> > console.
> I do get lots of interrupt. I patched my kernel in June to generate a
> for each interrupt and I was seeing lots of them without even running

is the irq shared?  have your printf display the neomagic status - i'll bet
it's 0 indicating the irq was not generated by the neomagic.

> > access to hardware would make this easier to fix.
> I would be difficult to send you my laptop, I do use it :-)



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