>  On 09-Aug-00 The Hermit Hacker wrote:
>  >  use something like netsaint to monitor those machines?  and the APC master
>  >  switch is web administered, so it would be too easy to build a quick perl
>  >  script to trigger a power outlet correspondign to the partiular server
>  >  that was n olonger responding ...
>  Personally I would wire something up to the reset switch instead..

there are watchdog cards like the Berkshire to do this. I was asked to
fix a Linux driver problem for one of these cards and wrote a FreeBSD
driver for the card. Thankfully *BSD is stable enough that this board
is not needed, but (trying to justify my time in doing the driver for BSD)
the card also has a temperature feature that you could use with a ATX power
supply and the FreeBSD 3.x/4.x init to shut off the machine if the
internals get to hot.

--mark tinguely

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