In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Wilko Bulte wrote:
> I now run a 4.1-stable kernel based on yesterday evening's sources.
> Question is of course if the fix put in current is completely in 
> -stable too. I'll have to check that.
> But in any case: the problem is still there.

I am running 5.0-20000809-CURRENT from  src-sys
was last cvsup'ed 10 Aug, 04:10 CEST.  The card is an old onboard ESS
1688 and all the crackling that I had in 4.1-RELEASE is completely

In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Donn Miller wrote:
> Note:  now I'm seeing messages like this:
> Aug  9 12:13:56  /kernel: pcm0: hwptr went backwards 2144 -> 1132
> Aug  9 12:13:57  /kernel: pcm0: hwptr went backwards 72 -> 3332
> Aug  9 15:33:36  /kernel: pcm0: hwptr went backwards 172 -> 24

I get those too when there is not enough CPU time...

pcm1: hwptr went backwards 56 -> 3388
pcm1: hwptr went backwards 48 -> 3488
pcm1: hwptr went backwards 64 -> 4064

Robert S. F. Drehmel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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