Something that has constantly annoyed me about the filename completion
in ftp (its great usefulness notwithstanding) is how the completion of
directory names works differently to in (say) bash. My preferred
behaviour is that, when a directory name is completed, a slash is
appended. This makes it easier to enter long paths.

I set out to try to change ftp's behaviour in this way. I've made it
work for the case of local files, but obviously remote files are a bit
more complicated. I haven't looked comprehensively into what's involved
for this, and there's a good chance that it would be unrealistic to
expect to make it work for all flavours of remote FTP server. Before I
tackle this, I wanted to solicit feedback - is this something people
would find useful? Assuming it's possible to do it without making things
really inefficient, I can't see any snags with adding the trailing
slash. It will Do The Right Thing in all cases I can think of (except
"get directory.tar.gz", I suppose). Also, to what extent would this
cause divergence with NetBSD, which appears to be the source of
autocompletion in the first place?


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