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>Regardless of the history of it all, FreeBSD is full of places where
>unexpected wakeups can stuff you right up.  Should we regard tsleep() like
>the older sleep() call, as suspect, and program defensively?  Should we
>be pragmatic, admit "We've gotten away with it so far", and document the
>"no sudden wakeups" behaviour?
>I quite like the general principle outlined in one of the earlier replies,
>that a while loop can be shown to be correct through a local code reading,
>but a simple conditional must be verified by reading all the rest of the
>code.  That's close to the same argument I use against global variables.
>Their use is too hard to verify as correct.

I support this notion with a footnote to the effect that if the test
is expensive the while() can be left out if a comment points out
exactly why the while() isn't needed.

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