In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "David O'Brien" writes:
: On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 01:14:09AM -0600, Warner Losh wrote:
: > : Won't the 'cvs diff' command tell you about such things? If not,
: > : that's yet another argument for ditching cvs in favor of something
: > : without so many flaws (like Perforce).
: > 
: > Not when the files are in multiple different directories and you have
: > mutliple patches cooking in your tree.  I committed files in
: > sys/pccard, but they depended on one in sys/dev/pccard which I
: > honestly thought I'd checked in with an earlier newcard fix.  I'd been
: > running the patches long enough that I basically forgot.
: Which is why I keep a virgin src checkout and I CVSup (with "-i") right
: after large commit and try building the code again in the virgin tree.

Makes sense for a large commit.  I try to do that after most big
commits myself, or when things aren't inside the kernel.  In this
case, however, it wouldn't have saved much time.  I made the commit
and went to bed.  The buildworld on the clean tree wouldn't have been
ready for two hours and I was fast asleep by then.  When I woke up, I
had messages telling me of my mistake and fixed it then.  If I had
done a buildworld on a fresh tree, then I'd have done the same thing
when I discovered it had failed in the morning...


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