> jhay> There is just an annoying message because of the anycast address:
> jhay> Aug 13 16:38:47 angel sendmail[11947]: gethostbyaddr(3ffe:2900:fffa:4::) 
>failed: 1
> jhay> Is that because of a configuration error or just because sendmail needs
> jhay> to check for anycast addresses?
> sendmail tries to get the hostnames associated with all of it's interfaces
> to populate $=w (local host names).  The best fix would be to create an
> entry in DNS for that address.  Perhaps sendmail shouldn't bother warning
> on multicast addresses.  Can you see if this patch makes the error go away?

I tried your second patch, but it didn't make a difference. I'll take
the easy way out for now and add a DNS entry like you and ume suggested.
:-) I looked in ifconfig to see how they did the anycast detection and
you basically have to open another socket into the kernel (this time
an AF_INET6 one) and get the ipv6 flags and check them. Maybe too much
work, except if it is going to bother too many people. :-/


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