On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Donn Miller wrote:

:This is on a recently-built -current box.  When I try to move ftp from
:port 21 to port 2121 in /etc/services, I get a "Connection
:refused" message when I try to login to anonymous ftp sites.  Should ftp
:be this dependent on /etc/services?  What if you _have_ no services
:running, e.g. inetd & portmap?  Returning ftp to port 21 in services fixes
:this problem.  I posted earlier about my problems with ftp recently.

Yes.  One would expect this.  ftp(1) uses getservbyname(3), which looks at
/etc/services to figure out what port to use.  Since you've changed what
getservbyname(3) returns to 2121, ftp(1) is trying to connect to the remote
machine on port 2121.  It's really quite unlikely they are running an ftp
daemon there, so your connection is refused.  This has absolutely nothing to
do with what services your box runs, if inetd or portmap is running, or the
phase of the moon.


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