On 2000-Aug-10 15:36:01 +1000, Peter Jeremy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I just noticed a really peculiar network slowdown with -current from
>about a week ago.  The machine has two NICs - an old 16-bit SMC card
>(ed0) running 10baseT and a PCI SMC card (tx0) running 100baseTX full
>When I scp (either ssh-1.2.27 or OpenSSH) to a remote machine via ed0,
>I get a throughput of ~8KB/sec.  When I go via tx0, I get ~3MB/sec
>(CPU limited).  If I use ftp via ed0, I get wire speed (just over

Having just finished instrumenting tcp_output.c to track the problem
down, I find that it has vanished.  It seems that it was fixed
sometime between 3rd August and last night.  The only change to
tcp_output.c during this time was v1.46 - which only affects error
behaviour and backing that change out had no effect (ie the problem
is still gone).  I don't recall seeing any commits that would have
affected this problem.


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