> > It is related with quite wide areas, not only for power management.
> > # I'm interested in power management part personally for the first step
> > # though.
> Do I understand correctly that things like monitoring cooling fans etc is
> also possible? I guess the people running (lots of) servers will be
> interested in those features too.

Yes, of course :-)  ACPI covers the thermal management also.
I could imagine that there are quite big needs in this area for server computing.

I think this is what you are interested in, from ACPI 1.0b spec. contents;
12.1 Thermal Control
12.1.1 Active, Passive, and Critical Policies
12.1.2 Dynamically Changing Cooling Temperatures
12.1.3 Hardware Thermal Events
12.1.4 Active Cooling Strength
12.1.5 Passive Cooling Equation
12.1.6 Critical Shutdown

You can get ACPI spec. documents from

# I haven't checked ACPI spec 2.0 yet though :-)


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