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Bosko Milekic  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Hrmmm, there may be a logic problem here. Try this (apply it manually,
>  as I am not able to produce a diff at this time):
>     change:
>     if ((__mcnt == NULL) && (m_alloc_ref(1) == 0))
>         panic("mbuf subsystem: out of ref counts!");
>     to:
>     if (__mcnt == NULL) {
>         if (m_alloc_ref(1) != 0)
>             __mcnt = mext_refcnt_free;
>         else
>             panic("mbuf subsystem: out of ref counts!");
>     }
>     It could be that the m_alloc_ref(1) doesn't fail, but that __mcnt
>   is still NULL, it's missing that __mcnt = mext_refcnt_free assignment.
>     This is most probably a BUG, so please commit the fix...

That fixed it.  Thanks for the quick reply!

I have committed the fix just now.

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