Ok gang, time to test DEVFS in real life!

Put option DEVFS in your kernel configs, and tell me if it works
and if it doesnt give me all the details you can in private emails.

The outstanding issues right now are these:

        Subdirs are not fully implemented.
                vinum will not work
                use fdescfs if you need /dev/fd/%d
        Rename is not implemented.

        For now there is a hardcoded upper limit of 1024 device
        "lives" right now.  This might affect pccard/usb users
        after some time.

        Some races may exist, I need to add specific atomicity
        to certain operations to close these holes.

        Mount rdonly meaning "no new devices" is not yet

Apart from this, I think a lot of "normal" machines will run
happily with this DEVFS.

If your favourite driver is not showing up in /dev, it's most
likely because the driver doesn't do the right thing with
make_dev().  Bug the maintainer before you bug me.

isa/fd.c is probably the most interesting file to examine for
people looking for advanced interfacing with DEVFS from device
drivers.  Try this:

                ls -l /dev/fd*
                ls -l /dev/fd0a
                ls -l /dev/fd0.1200
                ls -l /dev/fd*

Have fun,

Sorry it's taken so long to get to here...


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Poul-Henning Kamp writ
>phk         2000/08/20 14:34:39 PDT
>  Modified files:
>    sys/conf             files 
>    sys/dev/bktr         bktr_os.c 
>    sys/dev/md           md.c 
>    sys/i386/conf        GENERIC 
>    sys/i4b/driver       i4b_ctl.c i4b_rbch.c i4b_tel.c 
>                         i4b_trace.c 
>    sys/i4b/layer4       i4b_i4bdrv.c 
>    sys/isa              fd.c 
>    sys/kern             init_main.c kern_conf.c subr_disk.c 
>                         subr_diskslice.c tty_pty.c 
>    sys/net              bpf.c if_tun.c 
>    sys/sys              conf.h kernel.h 
>    sys/ufs/mfs          mfs_vfsops.c 
>  Added files:
>    sys/fs/devfs         devfs.h devfs_devs.c devfs_vfsops.c 
>                         devfs_vnops.c 
>  Removed files:
>    sys/miscfs/devfs     README devfs_proto.h devfs_tree.c 
>                         devfs_vfsops.c devfs_vnops.c devfsdefs.h 
>                         reproto.sh 
>    sys/sys              devfsext.h 
>  Log:
>    Remove all traces of Julians DEVFS (incl from kern/subr_diskslice.c)
>    Remove old DEVFS support fields from dev_t.
>    Make uid, gid & mode members of dev_t and set them in make_dev().
>    Use correct uid, gid & mode in make_dev in disk minilayer.
>    Add support for registering alias names for a dev_t using the
>    new function make_dev_alias().  These will show up as symlinks
>    in DEVFS.
>    Use makedev() rather than make_dev() for MFSs magic devices to prevent
>    DEVFS from noticing this abuse.
>    Add a field for DEVFS inode number in dev_t.
>    Add new DEVFS in fs/devfs.
>    Add devfs cloning to:
>          disk minilayer (ie: ad(4), sd(4), cd(4) etc etc)
>          md(4), tun(4), bpf(4), fd(4)
>    If DEVFS add -d flag to /sbin/inits args to make it mount devfs.
>    Add commented out DEVFS to GENERIC

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