Hi All

Please could those of you with the time and computrons available
please review the patches for the entropy (/dev/random) driver at


This code may injure your cat, your computer and/or your bank account;
be careful!

The code puts the responsibility of reseeding the entropy state
variables into a kernel thread; this should make userland a lot

There is a FIFO constructed from TAILQ's to buffer the entropy
harvesting; this should further insulate userland from the internal

All the crypto and hashing has been broken out into a separate file
to make the whole driver less dependant on particular algorithms.

There is an (unresolved) issue with panics when the module is unloaded;
I'm working on that, but if you get to it before me, your help would be

Not included in here is a direct tap into the random event stream
to allow folks who need to "distill bits" to do their own entropy
processing. This is being worked on.

Other comments, patches and suggestions welcome!

Many thanks to Brian Feldman for the kthreads example, and others
for answering my questions online!


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