I have searched the mailing lists, to no avail (hope I
did not miss the answer).

I am getting the following output on make world (FreeBSD
5.0-20000820-CURRENT installed, cvsup current source at
11:00AM Eastern Time)..

Fatal double fault:
eip = 0xc030343c
esp = 0xcd025000
ebp = 0xcd025074
panic: double fault

syncing disks... 577 577 577 ...

I have been having some trouble getting this server up and
running with latest code.  It's a Dual 600EB running on a
Supermicro PIIIDM3 motherboard with 2 128MB PC133 DIMMs
(Non-ECC).  I am using the on-board U160 SCSI with two 9GB
U160 drives..

I am running the R1.5 BIOS for the motherboard..

Any ideas on why I am having trouble or possible
suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


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