> > > sym0: <895a> port 0x1000=0x10ff mem > > 
>0xb1100000-0xb1101fff,0xb1400000-0xb14003ff irq 11 at > > device 4.0 on 
>pci1 sym0: failed to allocate RAM resources
> > > We're running 3.4-STABLE on a Proliant 3000 here, and it's > working 
> > Mind you, this has a Symbios 875 based controller, not 895a > as in your 
>Proliant 3000 with 4.1-STABLE here, working great too.

it's a ML330.  recompiling the kernel without sym support seems to make
it boot (i wasnt using the scsi controller anyway).

which is an interesting data point, actually:  there were no scsi
devices plugged into the controller.

in any event, im up and running.  this may now serve as a data point for
whomever is maintaining the sym driver...

- j
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