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> I've been working for a while to try to figure out a problem I'm having
> here.
> I did a buildworld Sunday, and started to get kernel panics on boot when
> it probed fxp.  So I removed fxp from my kernel and loaded it as a
> module (via loader.conf.local).  It paniced.  Then I unloaded the
> if_fxp.ko on startup, and it booted.  But if I load the fxp module now,
> after a full boot, everything is great.  Rebooting with fxp in the
> kernel or loading the module on boot will cause a panic *every* time.
> Thinking it might be build problem, I redid the build/install/kernel
> again on Monday, and am having the same problems.  The panics only
> started on the upgrade from a -current dated sometime in early July.

A problem with these precise symptoms was fixed in revision 1.54 of
"src/sys/sys/mbuf.h".  Make sure your sources really are up-to-date.

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