Why have you annoyed many hundreds of people with your test message
which I told you was not necessary to send ?

I clearly described the simple problem of your organisation using
email relay servers which were not registered in the DNS causing
many weeks of problems for me.

Not only have you annoyed many people but you have sent email
using my sending address instead of your own address for a test
which was not necessary.

I am extremely unimpressed with the performance of your organisation
and the incompetant manner that this simple problem has been handled.

It would be within my rights to take legal action against your

Please have someone contact me as soon as possible to discuss the way
your organisation should repay me for the more than 2 months of
inconvienience and suffering I have endured.

To the FreeBSD-current list subscribers, I hope you accept that I did
not send that stupid test message and also be advised that the
Australian operations of UU.net and Access One take about 2 months to
even understand a simple DNS problem.

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