On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 10:54:44PM -0700, Satoshi - Ports Wraith - Asami wrote:
> However, note that you need to move LOCALBASE and X11BASE for *all*
> ports, not one.  (For instance, you can't expect an emacs-lisp package
> to install correctly if you just try to move it while emacs is still
> in /usr/local.)  Set LOCALBASE and X11BASE in /etc/make.conf and
> rebuild everything, including X.

On the subject of rebuilding everything, is there a tool that
will build a dependency-ordered list of all of the ports that
are currently installed (or at least the current version of

I've been thinking that it would be a nice housekeeping
proceedure every so often to move /usr/local aside, and rebuild
all of the ports that I use, after a successful build of world
and kernel.

At least that would help to keep track of things that I've
gratuitously added to /usr/local, outside of the ports


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