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 > On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 20:43:15 -0400, Laurence Berland wrote:
 > > On a vaguely related topic, after much searching I can't seem to see one
 > > way or the other if we can do a complete bit-by-bit copy of a cd with
 > > either cdrecord or burncd, though it's possible I'm looking in the wrong
 > > place.
 > I think cdrecord can burn CDs in disk-at-once mode, and I think cdrdao (in
 > ports/audio) can do it as well.
 > As far as getting an image, you can use dd to dump off an image of a CD if
 > it is a standard ISO9660 CD.  (I've used that method to clone CDs before.)
 > If it uses a blocksize other than 2048 bytes, though, you can't use dd with
 > the SCSI cd driver.
 > There may be CD rippers that can pull the data off into an image, though.
 > I don't know for sure.

Tosha can read tracks from CDs with 2352 byte blocks, for
example VideoCDs.  I'm using it sometimes to directly pipe
the data into MpegTV to view VCDs under FreeBSD.

(BTW, tosha can also read standard data tracks with 2048
byte blocks.  While dd provides the same functionality,
tosha has a few nice features such as a progress and ETA
display, which might make it preferable over dd.)


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