This is not an "IDE RAID" controller.  It's an IDE controller with some 
lame "RAID" software in the BIOS.  We don't support this.

> (excuse complete ignorance as far as IDE RAID below)
> For the buildbox here, I decided to go ahead with Soren's ATA-100 RAID
> suggestion, and bought an Abit KT7-RAID motherboard, which has an onboard
> Highpoint HPT-370 ATA-100 RAID. I'm using two 15G IBM 75GX drives on it.
> So after a long day of hacking at getting Cyclone Interchange to run under
> FreeBSD, I decided to go for the install today w/
> 20000820-CURRENT. I set up the RAID BIOS to stripe together both of
> the drives, each as a master on their own channel. The controller shows up
> in the FreeBSD bootup, as well as the drives with UDMA100, but..
> While "lsdev" from the boot floppy shows one drive, in FreeBSD & fdisk 
> they show up as two 15G drives (ad4s1 & ad6s1) rather then a 30G
> concatanated one. 
> Am I missing something here? I've never done IDE RAID, let alone on-board
> RAID. Are they striped, but show up as seperate due to the lack of
> emulation?
> I went ahead and installed FreeBSD as a 6G partition.. and everything
> looked good (and fast!), but when I rebooted, BootEasy saw the FreeBSD
> bootblock, but it compained that it couldn't find any ufs
> partition. However, "lsdev" from the floppies saw a ufs and swap
> partition when checked.
> Do I have to install / on a non-RAIDed drive so that the boot loader has a
> chance?
> In any case, much thanks goes to Soren for adding support for the
> HPT-370 (and for the ATA drivers in general). I don't owe him just a
> beer, but probably a keg or two for all the IDE boxes that I've installed
> FreeBSD on :)
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