On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Mike Smith wrote:

> This is not an "IDE RAID" controller.  It's an IDE controller with some 
> lame "RAID" software in the BIOS.  We don't support this.

Hopefully this thread will save the next poor soul who tries this.

Just to put the final nail in the coffin.. I went ahead and
installed on an old WDMA2 drive of mine, and put /var and /usr on what
hopefully was a striped RAID. Well, I pulled the second drive
offline, and.. it still booted up beautifully. So the striping in bios
on the HPT-370 is indeed meaningless. C'est la vie.

Now the question is, what ATA-100 RAID solutions are there that are fully
supported? I'd guess the Promise board, but the last time I guessed
(err.. last week), I got a supported chipset with an unsupported feature

Just so I don't go do anything stupid, anyone secretly working on
drivers for this behind our backs, or is it as good as junk?

BTW, these IBM 75GXP drives off of the HPT-370 are amazingly fast for
IDE. It was fast enough to fool me into thinking the striping might have
been working. Ahh, the delusions hope brings.

/ Thomas

> > For the buildbox here, I decided to go ahead with Soren's ATA-100 RAID
> > suggestion, and bought an Abit KT7-RAID motherboard, which has an onboard
> > Highpoint HPT-370 ATA-100 RAID. I'm using two 15G IBM 75GX drives on it.

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