In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Chris Costello writes:
>On Sunday, August 27, 2000, Boris Popov wrote:
>>      No, not all bits are incorporated. At least you've missed two
>> important things. First:
>>      # cd /dev/fd
>>      # ls
>>      0       1       2
>>      # cd ..
>>      # ls
>>      0       1       2
>>      And second - directory names supplied by readdir() function
>> contains junk characters at the end.
>   I'm going to commit some fdescfs-related patches sometime soon
>next week.  If you're not using the fdescfs code already, I can
>probably integrate my work into devfs, since that was the point
>of my work on fdescfs.

I'm not quite ready to embrace fdescfs yet, I want to get devfs
fully debugged first.

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