Just a little usability observation(or I am too lazy to script_my_own_tools
and want to whine!)

The method of building and installing a kernel to me seems a bit off.. Both
the buildworld and installworld targets default to GENERIC, yet GENERIC is a
file checked into the -CURRENT CVS repository.. Any changes to this file
will get blown away if whenever you update the sources unless you explicity
exclude this file. No one I know runs BSD with a GENERIC kernel, they have
specific requirements for the hardware in their machines. Having to specify
which kernel to build with the KERNEL= parameter seems to indicate that
people should be running GENERIC kernels all the time as it is the default.
This just doesnt seem right.

I know a script could easily be written to grab a filename out of something
like /boot/loader.conf to get which kernel config file you want to use by
default.. Are there any plans to change this or is this method final?

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