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Jacob writes:
>> What names do you usually access your disks by ?  Just da0a etc ?
>da0{a,b,c,d} and so on..
>> You should be able to find those as well with the clone stuff...
>Nope. Weren't there.
>I booted up once. I had 3 disks- none with a FreeBSD label. The
>contents of /dev for da disks was /dev/da{0,1,2}[c].
>So, I did the '-Brw da0 auto' and disklabel -e trick to add
>a da0a to da0. disklabel happily saw da0a after this. Nothing
>in /dev. Okay- so this kind of rescan doesn't work yet.
>So, I reboot. The contents of dev still are /dev/da{0,1,2}[c]. I mostly
>was raising this to see if someone else has tried alpha in this regard.
>If not- I can help debug this and fix it, but next week.

Hmm, can you send me a ls -l /dev from a !devfs alpha so I can
see what it looks like ?

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