-current from Aug, 22, cd9660 image file mounted via vn reports this:

Aug 28 13:45:51 counter /kernel: unexpected vn driver lock: 0xccf008c0: type VREG, 
usecount 2, writecount 1, refcount 452, flags (VOBJBUF)
Aug 28 13:45:51 counter /kernel: tag VT_UFS, ino 357635, on dev #da/6 (13, 6) lock 
type inode: EXCL (count 1) by pid 5

This happens when multiple parallel things are done to the iso
filesystem inside the vnode, i.e.:

A single
  find /mnt -type f -exec cat {} \; | wc -c
works without problems, two of them started with a delay cause these

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