Maxim Sobolev writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
> > > > Will the system fail to boot if there isn't an empty device.hints
> > > > file?
> > > No, it will boot, but some devices (like keyboard, console etc) would not work.
> >
> > That's clearly not true - I just removed an empty /boot/device.hints
> > and rebooted, and all those things work fine. I can believe that such
> > things won't work if they aren't specified in some hints file, but an
> > empty /boot/device.hints doesn't do anything more to specify them than
> > one that isn't there.
> That's probably because you have hints compiled into your kernel. Try to compile
> kernel w/o hints and use it with empty/unexistent /boot/device.hints and you will see
> what I mean.

Well, yeah, I'd expect that. I'm still trying to figure out what
*good* failing to compile unless there's an empty /boot/device.hints
does. I mean, if I didn't provide kernel hints, it would make some
sense if the build process could determine that it was building on the
machine it was running on.


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