First, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to explain what
was going on. It's now clear that I was confused, and things aren't
as bad as I thought. I'd like to see the Makefile changes so that if
there wasn't an empty /boot/device.hints, one was created, but that's
relatively minor.

Brooks Davis writes:
> This is more correct.  The new world order says that hints are not in the
> kernel, instead they are loaded by the loader at boot time.  By default
> they are loaded from /boot/device.hints.  Without hints in some form old,
> stupid devices don't work.  Unfortunatly, PC consoles are old, stupid
> devices for compatability reasons so it's best to have a working hints
> file around.

Just curious - are there no defaults at all if you don't have a hints
file somewhere? That seems a bit strange.


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