Alexey Zelkin wrote:

> > > > You need to check LC_* existence corresponding to setlocale() request
> > > > made.
> > >
> > > What to check if LC_ALL request is given ?
> > LC_ALL overrides all other LC_* variables. If it is set, there is no need to
> > check anything else.
> > Then you should check all other LC_*, and then LANG.
> As I understand you're answering in concept, but we are talking about
> exact case right now (see may patches attached to previous letter)
> I am trying to realize "is requested locale physicaly present on this system"
> or it's just an alias. Currently I am just testing presence of
> /usr/share/locale/$requested_locale/LC_CTYPE and make decision depends
> on stat(2) return value.

Perhaps you should check presence of any of the following files in a locale
and proceed if any of them has been found...

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